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I highly recommend Kathrin as a sleep consultant! My 9 month old baby had a pretty bad sleep regression when he turned 8 months, he was waking up 6 times per night and the only way for him to fall asleep was by taking a bottle. With Kathrin's help and guidance, he was able to fall asleep independently and sleep through the night with no night waking and no bottle in just 2 days into the programme! Kathrin is a great listener, she will take the time to understand what your baby needs and she will adapt the programme if needed along the way because every baby is different and adjusts differently to changes. She is very knowledgeable and she uses a gentle yet effective approach. She is a very sweet person, very gentle and dedicated to her clients, I wish her the best and cannot recommend her enough. Thanks Kathrin!

Charlotte Garnier, Mom of Theo, 9 months

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